hey! sorry if you've already answered this but do you know where that american flag print hoodie pete was wearing a lot is from?

Yup! Find it here.

do you know where i can find pete's I Heart Revenge shirt? i think its a clandestine industries shirt but i'm not sure

Again, you’ll have to go through e-Bay

Do you know where you can buy actual Clan hoodies and stuff?. I'm trying to get some for a friend and website doesn't work on my phone so???

eBay is your best bet.

do you know where i can find the shirt he always wears that just a plain black tshit with holes in it? he wears it A LOT and you can find it if you search "pete wentz 2014"

I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a dozen of the same shirt. Try googling “distressed tee” but he probably got it from Urban Outfitters.

Break Dance, Not Hearts Tank - $40 from Clandestine Industries, Exact

Break Dance, Not Hearts Tee (Pictured) - $40 from Clandestine Industries, Exact


Love Can’t Save You Hoodie - $60 from Clandestine Industries, Exact

Another Love Can’t Save You Hoodie. Both are available! This one’s a medium, the previous is an XL.